Soft Boiled Eggs & Toast

Soft Boiled eggs

When it comes to breakfast during the week, I tend to stick with one thing for long periods of time until I tire of it and move onto the next. Those items over the last several years have included the following, served always with a cup of coffee: scrambled eggs with cheese, 2 Babybel cheeses with Wheat Thin crackers, granola with or without yogurt, breakfast sandwiches, hardboiled eggs, a banana with peanut butter, old fashioned oatmeal with fresh blueberries and walnuts, and most recently, 2 soft boiled eggs with a slice of sourdough toast.

I love the texture of soft boiled eggs and the simplicity of the meal.

The key to making soft boiled eggs is an inch of boiling water, a lid to cover the saucepan, 6 minutes of boiling time for the eggs and then prompt removal from the pan, and 15 seconds of cool water to run over them to help stop the cooking process.

Just before peeling the eggs, I cut a slice of sourdough bread in half and pop in the toaster. To peel the eggs, I use the side of a spoon to crack the eggs around its diameter, and once peeled, I run under warm water to ensure I’ve removed all the specks of shell. About that time, the toast is done. I butter it up and place an egg on each halve of the toast and with the side of a fork, I slice through it and lightly smash and smear the egg against the toast and season with just a touch of fresh ground salt.

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