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Blackberry Sangria

I’m not much of a drinker, as a result my knowledge of various types of liquor, spirits, wines, & all alcoholic beverages is seriously limited. In fact, with this recipe, I’ll need to create a new category. With that said, … Continue reading

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Iced Mocha

Over the years, since my undergrad days, coffee and I have developed quite the relationship. As a child, my favorite ice cream flavor was coffee. I loved the smell of coffee. I remember going into the refrigerator or freezer where … Continue reading

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Lemon Berry Slush

Now that it’s warming up, this has become a frequent post-lunch afternoon drink. Sometimes, I’ll have it for breakfast, especially on the weekends. I’m not too much of a big breakfast type of gal (brunch is a different story) so … Continue reading

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Halloween Party Theme Food

This year Halloween fell on a Friday. As soon as the girls realized this they requested a party and sleepover. We all got into the spirit with me preparing the food, Chris decorating, and the girls having a good time with … Continue reading

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