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Apple Cream Pie

For years now, every Sunday I look forward to checking out to view secrets people mailed in. I don’t recall how I first learned about it, but without fail, there are always secrets that are relatable, intriguing, interesting, & … Continue reading

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Peach Galette

A few month ago, Chris & I were watching a food show on Netflix & one of the segments showed a woman preparing a peach galette (something I’d never heard of before) but the seed was planted, & for months … Continue reading

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Coconut Cream Pie Bars

I first tried my hand at this recipe several years ago and it was disappointingly lackluster. At the time, my mom jotted down tips and suggestions and it’s been hanging out in my 3-ring binder ever since. After consulting her … Continue reading

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pie

Oh, friends! If you, like so many of us, love the perfect pairing of peanut butter and chocolate, then this might just find it’s way into your dessert rotation. It’s smooth, creamy, and oh so filling so a little bit … Continue reading

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Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is one of my favorites. I’ve made it only a handful of times, if even that. I love the nutty caramel filling goodness. It’s so decadent and something that I only ever have on occasion. I don’t recall having … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving has come and gone as has this pie. While it’s not so much a favorite of mine, I do enjoy the annual slice come this holiday. The girls; however, love pumpkin pie and look forward to it every year so … Continue reading

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French Silk Pie

Sometimes you’ve got to shirk tradition and go with something unexpected. For the past two years, I’ve made this pie and served it at Thanksgiving, along with the expected pumpkin pie for the girls. This pie is gooood. My parents were … Continue reading

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