Cheddar’s Banana Bread

Cheddar's Banana Bread

As a family, we generally eat out once a week, and given our schedules, this tends to occur on a Friday night. One of our go-to restaurants is Cheddar’s. I’d first gone there with Chris way back when on one of my first visits to Texas with him. We didn’t have any in Colorado and then after about 9 years or so of living in Kansas, they opened up one not far from our house and it’s been a place we frequent with regularity ever since. A few months back, instead of the standard black folders that the server brings for the bill, they brought a little clipboard instead. I’m not sure which one of us paid (it all comes from the same account, anyway), but we discovered that underneath the bill was a recipe to take home for a non-menu item. Intrigued, as per usual, when it comes to recipes, I tossed it in my purse and promptly forgot about it in the abyss the purse of a mom so easily turns into. I stumbled across it and had bananas ready to use and so I put the recipe to test. This may be our new favorite banana bread recipe.

Cheddar's Banana Bread Recipe

I don’t recall if I used shortening the first time around when I made it, or opted for butter, but FYI: butter works just as well as I’m sure melted & cooled coconut oil would work. Given our oven, I reduced the oven temp to 325 and have made this (with adjusted baking times) for the 4 little loaves as well as the 8 mini loaf pan.

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