My Love of Books


On New Year’s Eve of 2014, I set out to read 52 books in the year. I’m proud to report I was successful in achieving my goal and it very well may have been my first time ever (and last) accomplishing a New Year’s Eve goal.

I’ve always been an avid reader. I was the kid who got busted for reading by the light of the hallway when I should have been fast asleep. I spent plenty a pretty penny of my earned or gifted money on books. Sweet Valley High or VC Andrews, anyone? On long road trips with family I spent the passing time with my nose in a book and as daylight turned to dusk, I would strain my eyes savoring the last little bit of natural light reading what I could. Or the times I would feel extremely lucky if there was a constant stream of cars behind us. Oh yeah, I was that kid who read by the headlight of another car as it shone in from behind because my parents refused to drove with an overhead light on. Kids these days don’t know the struggle!

As the years passed, depending upon the stage of my life, I read more or significantly less. I distinctly remember not wanting to read much of anything after graduating with my Bachelor’s, but even that only lasted a few months as I fell in love with the works of Wally Lamb and later Augusten Burroughs. After my girls were born, I read mostly children’s books, but managed to sneak in a few while they were still relatively young, or again on road trips. While I worked towards my Master’s degree, I reverted back to my undergrad days as so much of my time was spent reading texts and books that were required; any reading for pleasure was put off until I walked at graduation in 2009. When 2014 came along, I challenged myself and since I had to keep track of each book, I began my list. After the completion of each book, I’d post a picture and a quote commemorating the moment. While I no longer feel compelled to read 52 books a year, I still read and have maintained my lists for each subsequent year and decided to add them here.

Friends routinely ask me for book recommendations and I’ll gladly give them; however, books to me are very much like music in that what appeals to some doesn’t to others. Mostly, I read fiction and memoirs for pleasure, but occasionally, I’ll read to learn more about a time in history or relevant topic. Come along and join me, you just might stumble across a book you love.

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