Neiman Marcus Cookies


Sometimes when I’m taking a breather from the day and am scrolling through Facebook, the NY Times posts a recipe and my interest is piqued. I take a few screen shots, to save for later, resume scrolling, and then a few days later am reminded of said recipe when I stumble on it again.

When I first read the article, it detailed the story of the lady who was wowed by the Neiman Marcus cookies. I mean, really? Who doesn’t like to be wowed by cookies.

Below are the screen shots of the recipe. I did modify the recipe a bit & those are listed after the recipes.

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

As noted above, I made a few changes, mostly because I didn’t have specific ingredients on hand. For instance, I’ve seen recipes that have listed dark brown sugar, but because I generally always have light brown sugar on hand, I’m not going to run to the store to purchase the other. Maybe it truly heightens the results of the finished product, I don’t know. Also, I didn’t have a chocolate bar on hand to grate it up and add to the dough. The chocolate chips seemed more than enough. Lastly, because I knew my family would appreciate the omission of the nuts, I opted to forgo those, though I’m sure those would have added a certain depth to the cookie.

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