Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped off at the store to buy some rolls for the French Dip sandwiches we were having for dinner that night. I was unsuccessful in finding what I wanted: not a hoagie, but something sturdier, with a good chewy crust to it; something that wouldn’t disintegrate once immersed into the au jus, but also not hard & laborious to eat. That’s when I came across the Ciabatta Rolls. They worked perfectly!

We had a few leftover which worked just as well for a quick, flavorful breakfast sandwich.


Ciabatta rolls




Fresh cracked S & P

Cooked bacon

Cheese slices


Over medium high heat, add just a bit, (2-3 tsps) of oil (I used avocado oil) to a small skillet, add egg(s), season with S & P and cook until desired doneness: cook less if you want your eggs to be more runny, or cook longer for a firmer, but still soft yolk.

Heat another pan also over medium high heat. While the eggs are cooking, pull apart the rolls & spread butter evenly on both sides, & grill until nice golden brown.

Heat up slices of already cooked bacon in the microwave for 45 – 60 seconds on defrost. Using defrost heats it without cooking it more & making it rubbery. If you don’t have cooked bacon at the ready, prepare your bacon first, allowing enough time for it to cook before cooking the eggs & grilling the bread. Or skip the bacon altogether, it’s good without it, but for the full effect, go for the bacon.

Assemble your sandwich. Top the bottom of each grilled roll with egg, bacon, & slice of cheese, per preference (I used Swiss), & top with upper grilled part of the roll. Enjoy!

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