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Cuban Style Pork Shoulder

For a slightly different taste, use the following marinade for your pork burritos. To be honest, I was surprised the flavoring wasn’t more intense as I’d let it marinate for nearly 24 hours prior to cooking. I guess I was expecting … Continue reading

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Barbacoa Burritos

As of late, my Facebook feed has increasingly posted “how to make ______(fill in the blank)” videos. Whether it’s Tip Hero, Huff Post, or Buzzfeed Food, it can make for a mouth watering moment. Not only do I get these, … Continue reading

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Marranitos (little pigs)

My husband and I never really dated. It’s a long story, and like any good love story, had a bit of drama associated with it. While I’m not going to go into our “love story”, I will tell you this: … Continue reading

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Homemade Flour Tortillas

Once, a long, long, time ago when Chris and I were first dating, we were discussing where to eat. I asked innocently, “Do you like Mexican food?” We were walking at the time and when he stopped, so did I. … Continue reading

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Carnitas Nachos

Crockpots are awesome. They’re relatively low maintenance and fail proof. A win, win combination. Last Wednesday night, I stopped off at the store and purchased a 6lb. pork shoulder roast. I stabbed it with a knife all over, placed it … Continue reading

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Greek Yogurt Chicken Enchiladas

A number of years ago, the title of this recipe would have been Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, and that’s the beauty of Greek yogurt, it’s completely interchangeable with sour cream. So, if Greek yogurt is just not your thing, that’s okay you … Continue reading

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Beef Enchiladas Mexican Plate

These enchiladas are a great meal to prepare ahead of time, freeze, and use at a later date. Or, like I prefer to do, prepare a double batch with the full intention of having one for dinner and freezing the other. I … Continue reading

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