Leah’s Favorite Cut-Out Cookie Frosting


Every holiday season I usually like to try out some new cookie recipes to go along with some old favorites and that just didn’t happen this year. While I made a few different kind, I didn’t make cut-0ut cookies, which I normally have done in years past. My friend, Chris, also makes cut-out cookies and usually gifts those to us unfrosted, but always includes a tub of homemade green frosting. Leah loves this frosting and prefers it to the royal icing I make so she looks forward to these cookies from Chris all year. In fact, she started asking me about her cookies back in September. Much to Leah’s dismay, Chris didn’t make cut-out cookies this year either so the hubby came to Leah’s rescue & bought her a roll of store bought cookie dough and Chris texted me her “recipe” for the frosting. I say “recipe” because it’s nothing exact, but Leah figured it out and made the frosting above so she was happy.


  • 1 stick of butter
  • Most of a bag of powdered sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp. of vanilla extract
  • a full bottle of green food coloring
  • a bit of evaporated milk


Per text:

“I usually start with one stick of butter and most of a bag of powdered sugar. I just dump in vanilla until it feels right (probably 2-3 T). I start with a little bit of evaporated milk and then add more until I have the right consistency. Mix it all up with my Kitchen Aid mixer; no cooking required. And usually a full bottle of green food coloring. I’ve never used a full can of the evaporated milk. Even if I make frosting with two bags of powdered sugar, I usually end up tossing the rest of the can that I don’t use. And I will also admit that, on occasion, I’ve probably started with 1.5 sticks of butter.”

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