Best of 2016 Recipes: Most Viewed vs. Most Liked

It was at the beginning of the year when I realized WordPress hadn’t sent out their annual report. Granted, I hadn’t done anything with it before other than look at and file it away, but I was still curious. It turns out they’re not generating it this year so I had to do the fact checking myself. In years past, the report generated most viewed posts, but when I was looking, I discovered a bit of variance between most viewed and most liked.

The most viewed recipes of 2016 were:



Kind of makes me want to have an apple fritter or make this bread. How about you?



I love breakfast and these rank right up on the top of my list as favorites.



Chris loves this dish.



Oh, carrot cake, how I love thee. Nom, nom.



A perfect spring time cake.

Now, the most liked recipes of 2016 weren’t always the most viewed:



Easy, delicious, and flavorful.



Ah, yes. A repeat favorite.



I love these scones. They’re most definitely a favorite of mine.



It’s like totally groovy, man.



Lemon and blueberry is such a good combination.

Looking forward to 2017 creations!

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