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Bacon Squash Sauté

The other day, I was chatting with a lady that runs a stand at her local farmer’s market every Saturday. We were making each other salivate as we talked about food, swapping recipes, & sharing ideas when she told me … Continue reading

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Another Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Whenever I see a recipe labeled as “The Best Ever _____” I’m one part intrigued and other part eye roll because it’s touted entirely too much. Very seldom is something worthy of the title. I’m of the belief “Best Evers” … Continue reading

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Big Breakfast Sandwich

Most days I only eat 2 meals a day; this is always a given on the weekend. Typically, I’m not hungry for hours after waking, and a cup of coffee with cream, hot or iced, keeps me sated until lunch. … Continue reading

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Recipe Redux: Salted Caramel Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream Frosting

Have you ever made something and then allowed 6 more years to pass before making it again only to discover one of the prepackaged ingredients has changed and you have to guesstimate? That’s what happened tonight while baking these cupcakes … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cupcakes

What’s not to love about a little cup of chocolate cake for a birthday? I made these for a good friend’s birthday a few months ago. Ingredients for the cupcake: 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar 6 tbsp Hershey’s … Continue reading

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Chile Colorado Burritos

Mexican food is in regular rotation at our place. Like usual, we have our go to items, and every once in a while, I see something that makes me pause for consideration. This was one of those times. Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading

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Coconut Cream Pie Bars

I first tried my hand at this recipe several years ago and it was disappointingly lackluster. At the time, my mom jotted down tips and suggestions and it’s been hanging out in my 3-ring binder ever since. After consulting her … Continue reading

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